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        Dear visitors and loyal customers, we are honored by your visit to our official website, which is a platform to communicate and inquire about our products of high quality tiles, and through it you can view all the products and the latest types and most of the group offers and services available through the site pages, as you will find on the “Contact” page all contact information And correspondence to facilitate direct communication, answer your concerns and questions, and receive all your comments and suggestions via the site or through our page on the social media website “Facebook”.

Definition of the group

      Agoune group is a family company specialized in the production and manufacture of tiles, established in 1989 and has gained a long experience in the field, as well as developed its mechanisms for the manufacture and production of mono-layer (single layer) and double layer tiles from ordinary granite – rocky stones – and marble pebbles. The Agoune Group collects several huge mechanisms for the manufacture of various types of tiles for internal and external use, under the supervision of expert hands in the field, and the company is proud of the quality of its products thanks to the periodic maintenance of all its mechanisms and the team experience, as well as the best raw materials such as cement produced locally by Lafarge institutions leading in the field at the global level, and the industrial group Algeria cement GICA .

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